Periodically I get asked for links to my work on Stefan Molyneux. I get tired of having to go find and reply with each of my pieces, so I’ve decided to compile the links here in one place, so you guys can find everything I say about the dude.

Here’s the deal though: I have no hatred nor ill will towards the guy. I think he’s got a lot of issues, which I discuss in the following links. I’m not at “war” with him, I don’t care much about him, I’ve had a few things to say about him over the past year and this is a place to find my commentary, for the record.

Without further ado:

The Truth About Stefan Molyneux

My first piece, August 2014. Excerpt:

Ultimately, I see a suffering human being with emotional problems who seeks “logical” solutions to some of his issues. He then gets caught up in self-affirming fallacious logic to justify his own emotional reactions and biases. What he really should be doing is challenging those biases.

Stefan Molyneux & the Gun in the Room

My second piece, December 2014. Excerpt:

I’m not here to try to destroy a fellow libertarian. The only way I want to see Molyneux’s problematic content “gone” is by Molyneux changing his mind, and deleting it himself. Or by it fading into complete irrelevance as his fan base leaves him for more principled individuals. The man is tremendously unforgiving, and by his own arguments, he has proven himself worth disregarding. However, I don’t live by Molyneux’s logic. I recognize that he is human, and flawed, and that doesn’t make him so “damaged” that he cannot be redeemed. I still like many of his old videos and the very occasional recent one. I still consider him intelligent, articulate, and useful—I’d just prefer it if his good content clearly outweighed his bad.

The Truth About Bunnies

A YouTube video I made in January of 2015, parodying his work.

Molyneux is Problematic Like Radical Feminists

A Facebook post I made in April, 2015, after interacting with one of his fans. Excerpt:

And that’s the problem with Molyneux. He is exactly like the worst of the radical feminists, he’s the extreme opposite, who views his victimhood in every situation just because his mother was abusive. He tells everyone that everything is abuse, and suddenly nothing is anymore. Suddenly he’s cheapened the meaning of what abuse is, what violence against children, or anyone else is.

If I write anything more about him (not expecting I will, frankly), I’ll link to it in this article so you can always find my comments in one place.

Oh, here’s a meme from January, in relation to an article Jeff Berwick wrote: