My first video on YouTube. Or at least, that isn’t of me ice skating or hanging out with my birds. This was deliberate, man.

A parody of the work of Stefan Molyneux.

Our reckless hostess begins her adventure in YouTube land with the very necessary explanation of cute privilege, bunnyism, and the truth about those furry rodents you think you love.

This is Avens O’Brien for Quit Yer Bitchin’. And today, ironically, we’re gonna bitch about bunnies.

For the humorless among you, this is called parody.

For the uninformed among you, you can read my very un-funny remarks about the man I’m parodying in two articles that can be found here:

For the detail oriented among you:

  • Yes, there’s glare on my glasses, I’m sorry. I never make YouTube videos and if I was a perfectionist about this, I’d never have gotten around to posting it.
  • I wrote this in about half an hour and then recorded it, one take, just messy. As somebody once said “fuck it! we’ll do it live!”.
  • I didn’t do this to be a professional. I did this because I felt like it.
  • It’s black & white because epic, man.
  • I never actually owned a bunny. My best friend did. This entire video is built on a lie.