Stardust Spirituality

“As someone with a great spiritual interest in my own origins, who has considered many religious answers, I begin to conclude as Carl Sagan did: we are a way for the cosmos to know itself. It is a philosophical, moral and biological imperative as a species to attempt to understand everything around us.

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One thought on “Stardust Spirituality

  1. A nit to pick: an actual “Biblical literalist” would not assert that Adam and Eve were the progenitors of all humans, because that’s not what the Bible actually says. Genesis describes Adam and Eve as being two particular humans created by Yahweh, but clearly describes (in Genesis 4, the story of Cain and Abel) that there were other humans (when Cain is driven away, he marries, moves to a city, etc. – all things which are impossible if there is not a significant, pre-existing human population).

    The “literal Bible” says that Adam and Eve were Yahweh’s attempt at creating some pets, and that Yahweh failed miserably at that. Hardly an impressive action by a supreme being.

    On a seprate note, I would suggest reading up on ignosticism. I tend to describe myself as an ignostic agnostic. Ignosticism goes a step outside the usual debate, by asserting that the question, “is there a God?” is not meaningful unless we agree upon a definition for “God” and unless that definition is such that it is subject to inquiry. I can’t even discuss that question meaningfully with someone who can’t express a coherent definition of the term. And if that definition is such that it is not falsifiable, then the discussion is pointless because the individual insisting upon the use of an unfalsifiable definition is taking an inherently-irrational position. Ignosticism cuts to the heart of the debate, and separates those who are engaging in honest debate from those who are engaging in fundamentalism…

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