Baring More with Peter Paradise

“Long before I became the subject of hundreds of photographs by Judd Weiss, I modeled for Peter Paradise of Boston. I posted a few shots of our work together in the past, but as both of our birthdays approach, I wanted to share some of our story, and some of the best work I feel we ever did together.”

There’s some artistic semi-nudity over at Taste it Twice.



3 thoughts on “Baring More with Peter Paradise

  1. Thanks Avens. I appreciate your kind words. I am proud of our work together and grateful to you for trusting me as you have. I think these photos show a side of you that is timeless – especially the last one. As the years pass, and I revisit this image, I see new things emerge in your eyes. You gave me an extraordinary moment and I’m glad it’s been preserved. I’ve had a feature dedicated to our work on my website as a permanent fixture.

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