Burning Man (Pre)

I’m leaving for Burning Man in less than 12 hours. A large trailer is filled with my belongings – from camping gear to food to things with which to make art and costumes with which to be art.

It’s actually my first Burn. I’ve spent a large portion of my life, both as child and adult, going to festivals around the country – nudism, art, yoga, neo-paganism, psychedelics, electronic music, fire-spinning, hippie drum circles – none of this is new to me. 50,000 people practicing leave-no-trace radical self-reliance in the desert? That part’s new.

I’ve been partying with Burners forever. Black Rock City is a home I knew I had before I’ve even been there and before anyone told me it will be. I’m thoroughly prepared in the necessary senses.

I’m in need of a whirlwind right now in my life, I feel. I need to be swept off my feet, and this is just the event to do it.

I’m camped with a bunch of my LA friends at our very own Absinthe-swiggin’ Steampunk Saloon.

I have a camera, I hope I remember to take pictures.

See you on the other side.

Burn, baby, burn
Gone to Burning Man

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