What happened to “Yes, We Can”?

“A side note: if you find it hard to step outside whatever your hard-won, strongly-held political beliefs may be in order to perhaps attempt to sincerely understand your opponents’ points of view instead of just hopping to the assumption that Democrats seek to enslave through taxes and Republicans seek to start wars in countries with brown people so we can have their oil, perhaps you may find a level of discourse which is productive, intelligent and integritous.”

Read more at Taste it Twice.


3 thoughts on “What happened to “Yes, We Can”?

  1. You’re right, it was a blooper. Like you, I hear what was meant; even more, I understand the reality of it. You said it better and if I knew someone with a contact at the White House I’d refer your edit.

    “My independent, undecided, seriously-not-sure-about-Obama friends (yes, I have those) are going either way on their reactions.” … That would be me. I never have a true option anymore. Now I’m focused on the best candidate to appoint 1-2 new Supreme Court Justices. Mitt just doesn’t do it for me. I may still write in my brother for President, though, since Mass will go for Obama. However, it is the swing states both candidates have to worry about.

  2. Plus, he has a plan to end homelessness: he’ll just mandate that all the homeless buy houses, and tax them for not doing so, and that will fix everything.

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