I Wasn’t There

“Today is September 11, 2011.  Ten years ago today, nineteen terrorists hijacked four commercial airline jets, two of which forever changed the skyline of one of America’s most beloved cities.”

Read more at Taste it Twice.


2 thoughts on “I Wasn’t There

  1. You said what I was going to say. You said it more kindly than I would have.

    Yesterday, a young Saudi man of my acquaintance offered me his condolences and apologized for 9/11. He was not there. No one in his family did anything wrong. He has no animosity towards America. He’s merely Muslim and Saudi.

    I regret the loss. Some of us died. Some of us suffered. Some still suffer. It is time to let go of guilt and blame and anger and start living the way those who died would wish us to live – heads held high and enjoying life.

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